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Black and White and In Between

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Shadows, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California, USA

Shadows, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California, USA

It’s just a white wall.

And a black handrail.

In fact the handrail at the bottom of this photo is the only surface in this photograph that is not painted white. But there is very little of the photograph that looks white. And it is a color photograph.

I was impressed with how many shades of white to black are possible on a surface covered with white paint. I prefer color photography even though I respect the dedication and skill required for interesting black and white images. But I do not want to remove the reflected colors from the image.

This scene is inside the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  The geometric shadows are from a skylight. The long shadows of the bolts add interesting patterns.

Regardless of what art is exhibited in the floors below, this upper stairway and the suspended walkway overhead provide a place to look at simple shapes and shadows. It is a place to take a break from the visual stimulation of the  imagery on display. The varying intensity of the sunlight and passing clouds change the scene inside.  Photo: 1/1000 s at f/5.6

Where’s Waldo’s Mom?

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Escalators, Waldo and His Mom, San Francisco, California, USA

Escalators, Waldo and His Mom, San Francisco, California, USA

The sparkling lights of Christmas shopping in downtown San Francisco.

When you live in a rural redwood forest setting, as we do, it is interesting to go shop in ‘The City’. We were in San Francisco visiting our younger daughter. It was a fun family day, but the clothes shopping part wasn’t enough to distract me from thinking about photographs. So while they shopped, I looked around for interesting views.

The red carpet at the lower left was six floors below me. This stack of escalators formed an interesting intersection of lines and arcs. The strands of blue lights add accent and depth.

This is certainly a different view than looking out my window into a redwood forest.

The woman two floors below me in the red striped top reminded me of the ‘Where’s Waldo’ puzzles. Perhaps she is not very easy to see in this small image.  Photo: 1/30 s at f/2.4

Grayer Shade of White

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San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California, USA

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California, USA

Patterns, shapes, shadows, white, and the sky.

And the sun.

Everything in this photograph is white, except for the glimpse of sky and the sun filtered through the skylight. All of the surfaces inside this building are reflecting all parts of the electromagnetic spectrum equally. That is, everything has white paint on it.  The brightness or whiteness is controlled by the amount of sun that falls on the surface, and our viewing angle.

Even though this is a pure ‘white’ surface, the shades range from almost pure black to bright white. Or, at least as white as the paint is.

I am starting to enjoy the buildings that house art displays almost as much as the art itself. This photograph is the view looking straight up through the skylight of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. There is an elevated walkway on the right.

I have a very limited knowledge of art museum architecture. But it has caught my interest. I think of the stairs inside the Philadelphia Museum of Art (not the outside stairs of Rocky fame); the escalators and clock of the Musée d’Orsay in Paris; the view across the pond of the metalic tree sculptures at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas; the polished redwood columns of the Morris Graves Museum of Art in Eureka, California (local plug); the entire Louvre; and on and on. I haven’t seen many of the famous art museums. But they are something to look forward to.  Photo: 1/2000 s at f/6.




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