Hidden Treasures or Heaps of Trash

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Hidden Treasures or Heaps of Trash?

This blog is a collection of brief illustrated travel vignettes which use photos and sparse text to transport you to another time and place.

» Escape from the pressures that the world surrounds you with. Step into the photos. Let your imagination spring to life! «

The stories are only magnets to pull you into the scenes. The stories are simply creative writing descriptions and perceptions inspired by travel. I am trying to guide you away. Your participation is helpful.

Your imagination is much richer than any over-produced video.

These blog posts are not chronological. They are not intended to be read in order, nor do they describe ongoing travel events. They are not ‘live reports’ from the road. In fact, they are written between trips to help me escape back to these places, also.

They are also not merely documentary. There are some illusions, some allusions, and some fantasy.

They are created for your entertainment.


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There are 173 brief stories to read at this point!

You can return here whenever you have two or three minutes. Go far away. Return stimulated.

As you look around you can decide whether there are hidden travel treasures or merely heaps of ….




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