Wandering in Northern Hungary

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Eger, Hungary

Traveling east from Austria toward Budapest the scenery out the train window changes from towering glaciated peaks to flat agricultural lands. Hour after hour the Hungarian countryside stretches out like a table top as far as you can see.

Hungary is in the Carpathian Basin and most of it is flat and at low elevation, but the northern part of Hungary is mountainous.

If you rent a car in Budapest it is a short drive north to the Mátra Mountains. The highest point is Mount Kékes at 1,014 m (3,327 feet). The wooded hills are a welcome break from the urban pressures of Budapest.

The mountain roads are inviting and wind through shady forests and pass through beautiful medieval and modern villages. Near the summits there is ample parking to enjoy the broad vistas over farmland and forestland. The only sound is the wind rustling the leaves. It is a good place to clear the clamor and noises of the city out of your mind and think about the tiny villages far below.

Eger is a popular village with visitors to northern Hungary. Its ancient Baroque buildings are well preserved and the 13th century Eger castle is an interesting place to visit. Eger is 1,000 years old and welcomes guests to stroll its cobblestone streets. It is a pleasant place to spend time and unwind.




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