Budapest-World of the Roof

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World of the Roof, Budapest, Hungary

The phrase ‘Roof of the World’ is applied to the Himalayas, the Pamir Mountains, Nepal, Tibet etc. – the area of the highest elevations on Earth.

Well this photo is not about that. It is about the ‘World of the Roof’.

Budapest is filled with beautiful architecture, parks, and broad boulevards. But in this posting I am taking a somewhat abstract view of a small section of roofs because the shapes and colors caught my attention.

The Basilica on the east side of the Danube River, the Pest side of Budapest, provides a narrow balcony around the top of its tower. It is reached by a very long set of spiral stairs. The balcony is more of a catwalk. It provides 360° views over the Budapest skyline. It is a spectacular place for overhead street-view photography if you are willing to hang over the heavy stone balustrade.

I spent an hour or two walking around the circular balcony photographing various views, some repeatedly as lighting or features changed. Whenever you spend a while photographing a particular setting you gradually see more and more. You become more creative.

In my first few laps around the balcony I was looking down at the street far below. And it took a few laps to get comfortable with the height. It was a hazy day so I didn’t photograph the skyline and didn’t really look at it at first. But eventually I noticed the roofs (no, the plural is not rooves) nearby.

This scene shows a striking variety of roofs and roof fixtures. There are skylights, a ladder, chimneys, tile, ducts, and antennae. I think the most interesting feature is the giant gray ducting that looks like an accordion bellow. Maybe it’s not a duct, but I don’t really know what else it would be. Perhaps it is a decorative ceiling in the building below.

In this foreshortened telephoto perspective the roofs look like they are on the same plane, as if they were a connected, but separate world. It is a world that goes unseen, except for people who work on the ducts or skylights, or sweep the chimneys. It is the world of the roof.




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