Tweet the Raven, ‘Nevermore’

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Venice, Italy

One forty or less,

Here, is not success.

If pleasant escape is your goal,

A few characters more guide your stroll.

(111 characters)

This morning I read advice that blogs should be less than 500 words because attention spans are shrinking toward very short text messages and tweets.

I don’t agree with this simplistic conclusion. People seem to have time for reality TV shows and the stream of superficial nonsense that passes for news.

For example, the average American watches over 35 hours of TV per week. I know averages are problematic. Still, that is several hours per day per person! That is a choice, not an attention span issue.

Sometimes we want a brief update with immediacy, but other times we want to spend a few minutes and think a little.

This blog is for people who like to let their imagination travel while reading. Each posting is an illustrated short story. The photograph and words are the guides to another place and time.  Some are longer than others. I do not apologize.

I do try to create a place for you to go to for two or three minutes. The more vivid I make the description, the easier it is for you to go there. Most of these postings are less than 500 words. Sometimes it takes a few more words to fill in the sounds, smells, and feelings. Parsimony is the goal.

This photograph was taken at an outdoor café in Venice, Italy. I know it is not a raven. But it still triggered this posting.

Follow this link if you want to read Edgar Allan Poe’s poem, The Raven.

The poem is 1,125 words and 6,299 characters and was written in 1845. It lacks immediacy and exceeds the tweet limit, but probably still worth a couple minutes. Choices.




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