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Wandering and Wondering

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Wandering in the Mojave Desert, California, USA

I was wondering who wandered through this blog and associated website last week. From a partial scan of the statistics I see that the web hosts of the visitors were in Sweden, Russia, Germany, Israel, Canada, The Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Samoa, Denmark, Hungary, Italy, India, The Slovak Republic, South Africa, and places across the U.S.

I welcome you and I am honored. I hope that your time here is interesting.

Some of those countries may not have terrain like the Mojave Desert shown in the photo above.  So I hope you enjoy looking at some different terrain.

This posting is brief and describes this blog and my plans for the future.

This blog is more than a year old at this point. You can see in the “Navigate by Tags” panel on the left that you can visually escape to many places by wandering through the past postings. Just click on one of the tags to see all of the postings that were assigned that tag. Or you can use the Blog search box in the upper left of this page. Enter a term like Copacabana, for example, to see a list of the postings about that beautiful beach and Rio de Janeiro.

There are 125 stories now in this blog. I enjoy telling these brief stories and I hope that they stir your imagination.

What’s next? Here is a quick look ahead for my plans for this blog and the website:

We are preparing for our next photography trip, which will be a walking tour from village-to-village near Cahors, France. We will walk along the Lot River for several days and then go cross-country over to the Aveyron River. That should provide opportunities for photographs of rural village life and the countryside between villages.  At the end of that tour I will continue on to Budapest to photograph for about a week in that area. So the photographic emphasis will be on rural lifestyle and architecture in south central France and Hungary.

And I am working with Corey McKrill, the web designer at Jupiterwise Design, who will refurbish my main website. This redesign will occur during the next several weeks. I am looking forward to improving the web design and experience.

I will also photograph locally before we travel to France and Hungary. This means walking in our community forest and getting street images downtown and at events.

Later in the summer and fall I will attend several art fairs. These will be a good chance to meet people and talk about the photographs and they will augment my online gallery at

Sorry for the personal information today. But periodically I try to explain the goals and plans for this endeavor. I will get back to story telling soon. If you need a story to get away from your daily routine, just scroll down or click on one of the tags on the right and pick a posting. Enjoy!!




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