Between the Bell and the Art

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Market Street National Bank, Philadelphia

Market Street National Bank, Philadelphia

An old bank building looming over an even older city hall. Maybe a metaphor about influence, or maybe not.

The composition was not intended as a metaphor. They were just interesting buildings viewed up through a tree-covered plaza.

I was walking from the Liberty Bell exhibit in downtown Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA toward the Philadelphia Museum of Art. It is a long walk with views of the old business district. Some of the streets are very wide, tree-lined boulevards with beautiful old homes. It is a great walk with an unexpected prize at the end.

I enjoyed the Philadelphia Museum of Art very much, although I had not really known very much about it and didn’t know what to expect, except for the long exterior stairway of Rocky movie fame. I will write about it more in another posting.

This photo was taken next to the Philadelphia City Hall. The tall building in the back is the Market Street National Bank. It was built in 1930 but was converted to a hotel in 2000.

The small protruding balcony in the upper left must have been part of a great office suite. Now it would be an interesting hotel room.




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