Last Boat Before the Storm

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Un Orage, Lac Léman, Yvoire, France

Un Orage, Lac Léman, Yvoire, France

It had been a pleasant spring day. Sailboats raced across the lake in competition under blue skies, with only a few scattered clouds.

The winds had been moderate along the shore. The sound of the rustling leaves was more of a wind chime than a warning.

We had walked through the village and along the shore and then enjoyed a spring picnic on our balcony overlooking the lake. We didn’t know the weather patterns on Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). We thought it was going to be a quiet evening in the medieval village of Yvoire, France.

But things were changing quickly and the weather was getting serious. The sky was dominated by a wall of darkening clouds moving over the lake toward us. Almost all of the boats had left the lake for the safety of the harbors. The last boat that we saw on the lake still didn’t seem to be running for cover. It stood out against the fading reflection across the lake. The light was strange and ominous.

The weather continued to build until a very violent lightning storm and drenching rain moved in. All through the night we could see flashed glimpses of the boats in the marina below. The French term for this is ‘un orage’. The thunder boomed and streams ran down the steep cobblestone streets.

Lac Léman joins France and Switzerland. The south shore where Yvoire is located is in France, east of Geneva, Switzerland which is at the west end of the lake. If you would like to read more about Lac Léman and Yvoire please enter Yvoire in the search box above (within this blog).

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