Kinetic Madness II

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Official Kinetic Officials, Arcata, California, USA

Official Kinetic Officials, Arcata, California, USA


A human-pedaled giant silver lobster, a fire truck with a fire-belching hookah, a taco truck with a band, and dozens of outlandish, welded monstrosities, all of which had to navigate 42 miles of roadway, sand dunes, water crossings, and fiendish rules in front of inglorious officials and thousands of spectators.




Just another festival on the Arcata Plaza.




Even though there were some cranky people who resented the farmer’s market being relocated, most people were dazzled by the absurd performances of otherwise normal citizens.


The Kinetic Grand Championship is complete for another year!

The upper photo shows officials officially checking off the official checklist for vehicle safety and many kinetically important rules. Bribes were flowing.

Kinetic Sculptures Engulfed By Fans

Kinetic Sculptures Engulfed By Fans




The middle photo shows the throngs of spectators trying to see all of the sculptures up-close. Several of the sculptures are visible above the crowds. They are bigger than life!







The bottom photo shows the race underway as they took several laps around the Arcata Plaza before exiting the safety of town in search of ultimate glory or profound shame. Those may sound like opposite results but they were all in the eye of the beholder. In other words, if they weren’t caught cheating they may have achieved glory but they would be ashamed if their fellow competitors thought they had completed the race without some creative route navigation, propulsion augmentation, or equipment enhancements along the way.


The Kinetic Grand Championship 2010

The Kinetic Grand Championship 2010











It is just the way that spring is supposed to be celebrated!!




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