Tugdual Chapel Ceiling

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St. Tugdual Cathedral, Treguier, France

St. Tugdual Cathedral, Treguier, France

You’ve heard of the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

But the ceiling of the St. Tugdual Cathedral, probably not. There are no Michelangelo masterpieces on the St. Tugdual ceiling. And it is in a little town along the north shore of Brittany.

The painting and lettering are still very striking. And the Breton banners add a medieval regal feel.

The light shining through the stained glass windows was beautiful on the gray stone.

Treguier is a beautiful little village a few miles from the ocean. It has a rich religious history. This cathedral is named after a monk who became a saint. He died in 564.

I am in Texas tonight to help teach a satellite remote sensing course. I am tired from the class so I won’t write very much tonight. I enjoy this photo because it reminds me of the hours that I spent in this ancient place.

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