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Copacabana Beach Vendor, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Copacabana Beach Vendor, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Is it warm where you are? Do you have sand on your feet?

Do you have time for a leisurely stroll down the beach? Can you hear the samba and the waves washing over the bright sand?

Can you sit for a few minutes and watch the football and volleyball matches on the beach?

In the northern hemisphere it is supposed to be spring. As I look up through the redwood forest canopy the sky is filled with heavy rain. There is enough light to see the water accumulating on the redwood branches and sprays (the name for small branches of redwood needles). Big heavy cold drops are splashing on the ground below the branches. It is good to have a normal rainfall year. I should be thankful, and I am. But it will be good to have some clear days soon. We haven’t seen much sun for months. I guess I needed a photo of a sunny place. Maybe you do too.

This photo shows a beach vendor on Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The vendors are strung along the broad walkway along the beach. Each vendor’s hut is named, e.g., Côco Verde.

It was a warm morning before a hot day in Rio. This vendor is advertising several fish dishes, fried potatoes, and drinks. The caipirinha is referred to as the national drink of Brazil. It is made by crushing limes, sugar and ice, and adding cachaça (fermented sugarcane). Batata frita are fried potatoes and corvina is a type of  fish.

The prices are in R$, the Brazilian currency called the ‘Real’. The exchange rate when this photograph was taken in 2006 was:  1 Brazilian Real = 0.46002 US Dollar.

The bright blue sky and this warm colorful scene are a welcome change from our “spring” weather. I hope you enjoyed this beach escape!

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