Wooden Toys, Stone, and Flowers

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Wooden Toys, Rochefort-en-Terre, France

Wooden Toys, Rochefort-en-Terre, France

Jeux et Jouets en Bois. Games and toys in wood.

We didn’t know what we would find in Rochefort-en-Terre when we left the coast. It had been overcast and drizzly so I hadn’t been able to photograph as I had planned. But the late afternoon seemed to be clearing so we decided to go for a drive to a village we had read about in the interior.

We drove the country roads from Pénestin to La Roche-Bernard, crossed the Vilaine River and passed through the villages of Marzan, Péaule, and Limerzel. The roads were narrow and wound through the rolling hills between fields of corn and scattered patches of woods. There were very few other cars and only occasional stone farm houses.

This is a beautiful and rural part of southern Brittany along the the lower boundary of the Morbihan département. Brittany formally became a part of France in 1532 but maintains its separate Breton identity and traditions.

When we reached Rochefort-en-Terre the clouds were opening up but floating over the village at a steady pace. The sun shone through the openings at a low angle and highlighted the stone buildings, flower baskets, and cobblestone streets, although this photograph was taken in a shady courtyard. Gradually the openings became larger and it got quite warm.

Rochefort-en-Terre is a beautifully restored old village. There are several terrace restaurants, a cathedral, and of course, gift shops. It is popular and crowded in the summer holiday season, but it was quiet when we were there in September.

This game and toy shop was interesting but we couldn’t fit wooden toys in our carry-ons. The shopkeepers took pride in their village. They knew that its beauty is what drew the visitors and shoppers. Even the town hall was covered with flower baskets. It is a great village for strolling and for a long lunch. Photo: 1/400 s at f/2.8

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