Under the Haystack

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Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA

What are you looking for under the haystack?

Do you need a long walk on the beach? Will it be time alone to sort through your thoughts or a chance for an uninterrupted talk? Are you going into town to get salt water taffy? Do you need a book or a maple bar and coffee? Are you going to look at the current art on display or to buy a kite? Is the tide low enough to get around the points and get in a long run to the south? Are you going dune-jumping, or playing hide-and-seek in the beach grass, or are you building a classic sand castle with a moat?

Family memories are made by the bucketful at beaches like this. I was introduced to this beach by my wife and her family. Her parents had bought a beach cabin here and there was a long family tradition of summer trips to Cannon Beach, Oregon.

The rock in the distance is Haystack Rock. It is a famous Cannon Beach landmark. It is a seastack, or an isolated resistant rock left behind during coastal erosion. Cannon Beach is a small town that provides great vacation get-aways, art, and fun. Our own daughters have many memories of our family time there. Our photo albums are filled with a progression of photos of them from toddlers to adults out on the beach, or playing in the dunes, or taking the secret trail through trees over the dunes to the beach.

A beach like this is so many different things to different people. The Killamuck and Clatsop people provided whale blubber to the Lewis and Clark Expedition near here. The beach is about 80 road miles west of Portland and individuals and families have moved here or visited  here for generations.

On sunny summer days the beach near town can be packed. On stormy winter days it is empty. Each person and family bring with them their interests and needs. Each person finds different things under the Haystack. Photo: 1/2000 s at f/5.6.




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