An Oasis and Pyramids, No Camels

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Pyramids of the Louvre, Paris

Pyramids of the Louvre, Paris

You can’t ride a camel to these pyramids. These are timeless pyramids, but not old.

This is a true oasis. An oasis from the pettiness and routine of daily life.

It would be easy to wander through the passageways and hidden alcoves for days. There are royal treasures and icons of ancient religions.

This view is only a portion of the singular Musée du Louvre. This former palace is a fitting and daunting home for 500 years worth of art collecting. The 13th century fortress, rebuilt in the 16th century, was converted into a national museum in 1793.

The IM Pei pyramids form an impressive entrance to the museum. There are a group of pyramids with fountains within this vast plaza.

The first time we visited the Louvre we were on an early morning walk without a goal. We were just walking. We had wandered into what we thought was a municipal courtyard. We noticed huge statues along the balconies of the upper stories of the buildings all around the courtyard. As we walked around we looked through an archway and saw these pyramids in the distance. We hadn’t known that we were entering the Louvre from an adjacent courtyard. We “discovered” the Louvre, without intending to. It was a weekday morning and the lines were short. “Let’s visit the Louvre, OK?”

We spent many hours and got lost a few times. It is a place that you could return to many times. Soon I will post a photo from inside the main pyramid that shows more of the artistry of IM Pei.

I have been working on a large remote sensing project on a contract with a short deadline. It requires spending long days editing training course material about image processing of satellite scenes and other kinds of digital terrain data. It feels very good to take some time away from that and return to this creative work. I enjoy the remote sensing work and the people that I am working with. And it is worthwhile work. But this few minutes working with this photograph and telling you about it is fun for me. I hope that it is a nice escape for you also.

Travel keeps on teaching, even after you return. Photo: 1/500 s at f/4

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