Clouds, Surf, and Your Thoughts

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Agate Beach, Trinidad, California, USA

Agate Beach, Trinidad, California, USA

No strolling beach vendors, no high-rise hotels, and no traffic. Just the beach. And agates!

The edge of a continent without the commercialism. The Pacific washing soft sedimentary deposits. The slow immense pressure of the subducting Gorda tectonic plate pushing under the North American plate lifting up more material for the beach. Deep under this beach the Gorda plate is pushing from left to right.

This is Agate Beach in Patrick’s Point State Park near Trinidad, California, USA. A long, steep trail leads a few people down to this long stretch of sand. At the far north end of this beach is Big Lagoon, where a narrow spit separates the Pacific from a freshwater lagoon. The soft sedimentary deposits that form the bluffs do produce many water-rounded pebbles, some of which are collected as agates. I prefer to collect small, perfectly rounded white pebbles. I keep them in a shallow glass bowl like a rock garden. Time passes surprisingly quickly when you are absorbed in sorting through sand and pebbles. It is easy for your thoughts to drift. There are no intrusions. In the background you hear only the wave wash and the gulls.

I am a person that prefers mountains, but my wonderful wife is a beach person. I have learned to enjoy beaches thanks to her. We have walked together on beaches in France, Brazil, Switzerland (lake), Mexico, California, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Maryland, and Hawaii. We try to balance our mountain time with beach time and city time. There are interesting scenes to photograph in all these locations which helps me build a varied collection of photos. I try to show you that variety on this blog. Photo: 1/500 s at f/5.6.

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