Black and White and In Between

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Shadows, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California, USA

Shadows, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, California, USA

It’s just a white wall.

And a black handrail.

In fact the handrail at the bottom of this photo is the only surface in this photograph that is not painted white. But there is very little of the photograph that looks white. And it is a color photograph.

I was impressed with how many shades of white to black are possible on a surface covered with white paint. I prefer color photography even though I respect the dedication and skill required for interesting black and white images. But I do not want to remove the reflected colors from the image.

This scene is inside the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  The geometric shadows are from a skylight. The long shadows of the bolts add interesting patterns.

Regardless of what art is exhibited in the floors below, this upper stairway and the suspended walkway overhead provide a place to look at simple shapes and shadows. It is a place to take a break from the visual stimulation of the  imagery on display. The varying intensity of the sunlight and passing clouds change the scene inside.  Photo: 1/1000 s at f/5.6




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