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Breton Home, Tréguier, France

Breton Home, Tréguier, France

In stone villages ‘your house’ is merely a section of stone in a long row of connected and stacked residences. But your portion of the wall of stone facing the street can still be very distinctive.

The character can be defined by the color or size of the stones, or by the types of door and window openings, or the color of the shutters, or even by how you display flowers. In the ‘old town’ parts of stone villages the houses don’t have front yards. The stone walls of the rows of houses connect directly to the stone of the cobblestone streets. These villages were built behind defensive walls and often were arranged around the cathedral and village square. Tréguier has an amazing cathedral which I spent several hours inside taking photographs. I will talk about that in another post.

This beautiful Breton home in Tréguier, France was meticulously cared for. Villages in Brittany were often built with granite. The low morning sun highlights the texture of the stone and the mortar in this photograph. It is common for homes in Brittany to have handmade lace in the windows. They are very detailed and each home has a unique design.

Tréguier is in the north of Brittany in the Côte d’Armor départment. It is a short drive from a stunning, remote, rocky coastline. It is a great place to learn about traditional Breton food and drink. There are comfortable cafés and restaurants that serve traditional crêpes, galettes, mussels, oysters, and hard cider.

The cider was everywhere, but we never saw an apple orchard. Brittany in general is agricultural, but the area around Tréguier is an especially rich area for vegetables. The farm fields are separated by narrow lanes with rock walls. There are many corn fields, but it sure doesn’t look like Iowa!

The Breton people trace their culture to Celtic roots. We found the area to be very interesting, rural, and friendly. It is a great place to go for long walks on deserted rocky shores, especially at low tide.

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