The Commuter

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Commuter, Bern, Switzerland

Commuter, Bern, Switzerland

How’s the commute? Will it be another day of gridlock and anxiety?

My main transportation is a bicycle. It is easy to get around small towns with a bike. It is even easier when towns plan for bicycles and pedestrians.

Even though the street in this photograph is cobblestone there were quite a few bicyclists in this old town section of Bern, Switzerland. There were also lots of scooters. This guy seemed to be pretty organized.

This was an interesting part of Bern near the river. I had spent an hour or so during the early morning in this small street. Before I moved to this corner I had set up my tripod in the middle of the block, composed a scene, and waited for people to pass this corner or ride into the scene. When you stand in one place and watch rather than just walk through an area, you see and hear very different things.

Perhaps this guy, and the other people who passed by, followed this routine every morning.  From this one view his commute doesn’t seem too bad. This photo does have a very European feel. Photo: 1/500 s at f/3.2




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