Is Heidi Home?

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Chalet, Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

Chalet, Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

A sunny stroll through wildflower pastures. The sound of clanking cowbells and the thunder of huge waterfalls. The pride of a well-maintained chalet. It is spring in the Swiss Alps.

The walls of the glacially-carved Lauterbrunnen Valley launch many snow-melt waterfalls in the spring. In fact the word Lauterbrunnen means many fountains (according to the Swiss Tourism website) although the literal translation might be louder well.

Even though the setting for the book Heidi by Johanna Spyri was probably inspired by her visits to the area near Maienfeld in Graubünden, I have imagined it to look somewhat like this photo.

This classic chalet had Staubbach Falls in its backyard. It faces up the valley with horizon-to-horizon views of the high Swiss Alps.

It would have been interesting to talk to the owners but we didn’t want to intrude. On the outside wall above the garage door there is a six foot tall photographic print of two men. I imagined that it was the grandfather and father up in the mountains in the old days. At any rate, each time this family pulls their Land Rover into the garage they see the huge print, which is facing the mountains. The chalet also had a beautiful small balcony to sit and enjoy the uninterrupted view.

The Lauterbrunnen Valley is a great place for long walks. The warm sunshine and alpine flowers of spring create a beautiful setting. Photo: 1/80 s at f/16




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