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Supplies and Passengers, Mürren, Switzerland

Supplies and Passengers, Mürren, Switzerland

How do you get groceries to a ‘car-free’ mountain village?

One way is by supply train. After the cable car.

Small villages above the sheer cliffs of the Lauterbrunnen Valley are serviced by cable cars and electric mountain trains. These tourist villages are ‘car free’. So if you arrive in Lauterbrunnen by car you have to leave it in a large parking garage, if you want to continue up to Wengen, Mürren, or Gimmelwald.

To get to Mürren you first take a cable car to Grutschalp. Then you board a small electric train for the short ride to Mürren. For this photograph, I got off the train at Winteregg. Winteregg is a train stop with a large restaurant and terrace. It is isolated on the side of a mountain. When I was there it was filled with people singing during a lunchtime meeting of some kind. I didn’t understand the words, but they sang with gusto. I sat for a long time at a table outside on the terrace and enjoyed the view of the Bernese Oberland.

I walked toward Mürren and uphill from Winteregg. When you want to take photos of trains in Switzerland if you carry the local schedule you can set up your photo and know that they will pass through the scene at the correct time.

In the distance are the famous three peaks of this area. From left to right they are: the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau. One story of the names for these mountains is that the monk (Mönch) is in the middle protecting the virgin (Jungfrau) from the ogre (Eiger).

I sat on this hillside as several trains passed back and forth. In between trains I got to enjoy the clouds swirling around the peaks. I could hear sheep bells in the mountains nearby and the spirited Swiss German choruses booming from the restaurant in Winteregg.  Photo: 1/640 s at f/4




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