Why Not Savor Life?

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Warm Afternoon, Luxembourg Garden, Paris, France

Warm Afternoon, Luxembourg Garden, Paris, France

A warm sunny afternoon stretches out ahead. The trees in Luxembourg Garden in Paris are just starting to change color. Why not spend some time and savor life?

We don’t all get to lounge in the sun and enjoy reading in this beautiful garden. Our lives are different and complicated. We have different challenges or lack opportunties for this kind of leisure. But maybe we can escape to this place and let our imaginations hear the birds and the quiet conversations. Perhaps we can feel the warm air with our feet up on a chair, shoes off. There are no deadlines, just pleasure reading, or relaxation, thinking, and watching. Time passes. We have been in Paris. We have placed ourselves in another time and place. Our worries did not exist, for a time.

That is my goal as a photographer. I am trying to tell a story. A story about what it is like to be in that place, in person. The photograph provides most of the details, but each time you view the scene you add your own imagination. Each time you escape and savor that place it is your time to be there. You add the sounds, the smells, the emotion. Maybe you bring different emotions each time you are there. It is your place. You might hear the crunch of footsteps on the gravel path, the scraping of a metal chair being moved closer to be a footstool, the leaves rustling, a distant siren, or a muffled snore. The smell of cut grass might mix with the too prevalent cigarette smoke, or perfume, and a nearby crêpe vendor. You become part of the story. And your day has a new episode not available by looking out the window.

Luxumbourg Garden is an interesting place to photograph. It is beautiful and varied and very large. And while I was working there, I also took time to savor life. Photo: 1/400 s at f/4

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