Afternoon Sashay

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Walking in Luxembourg Garden, Paris

Walking in Luxembourg Garden, Paris

Luxembourg Garden in Paris is an entire world unto itself.

In the autumn it is filled with people basking in the last warm days before winter. There are readers collected in groups in the sun or isolated in distant corners in the shade. People meet to talk or just sit quietly and watch what others are doing. There are ice cream and crêpe vendors. The pétanque players are intense but have fun (more about pétanque in a another post).

Luxembourg Garden is a large public space that is well maintained. The garden occupies former palace grounds. It also figures prominently in Victor Hugo’s famous story Les Misérables.

It is an easy walk up Boulevard Saint Michel from the Seine. The garden’s wide tree-lined paths are artistically arranged. The landscaping is dramatic and accented with sculpture. There are benches and surprisingly comfortable steel chairs scattered throughout the garden. It is a place to savor life. This is something that Parisians know how to do.

The woman in this photograph was walking slowly toward a nearby street. She seems to be very relaxed. Perhaps she had a long lunch and then did a little shopping before spending some time in the garden. Her purchase was small. To me she looks light-hearted or even defiant. Perhaps this is what a sashay looks like.

The landscaping provides interesting lighting. The shallow depth of field from this telephoto shot shows her in sharp focus, along with five feet or so in front of and behind her. The brightly lit trees in the background are softly out of focus keeping the attention on her. Photo:  1/250 s at f/4.

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