Warm Sand, Gentle Waves

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Warm Sands of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Warm Sands of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The beaches of Rio de Janeiro are not all crowded.

This small beach had only a few people in the middle of the day. This boat was left temporarily by a local fisherman.

Several fishermen worked from this beach. They didn’t seem to bring in many fish, but they were entertainment for the tourists. I suspect that was part of what motivated them. They looked like they were very aware of the exhibition they were putting on for the people looking out the windows of a beachside café.

This is not Copacabana or Ipanema. But it is nearby. The water is the same. But there were no crowds.  This is Praia Vermelha, or Red Beach. It is north around Ponta do Leme from Copacabana. It is on a quiet bay with a commanding view of  Pão de Açúcar, or Sugarloaf.

There are many exposed, rounded granitic peaks surrounding Rio. Sugarloaf is popular and is served by a two stage cable car. The cable car station is near Praia Vermelha, so maybe at other times this beach is crowded.




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