The Tide Abides

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Rocky Shore, Plougrescant, France

With help from friends we found this other-worldly shoreline.

A couple of years ago we were staying in a beautiful, old, classic apline hotel in Wengen, Switzerland. One day on our way out to take photos, I asked the Austrian lady (Sabine) at the front desk where she liked to go for her holidays. Since my wife loves the beach, I specifically asked where would she go to enjoy the beach?

She said she liked a quiet beach and didn’t need to lay around and get a tan and recommended Brittany in France. (Brittany is the long French peninsula that extends northwest into the English Channel. It has retained ancient Breton (Celtic-influenced) traditions.) With that recommendation in mind, I asked a colleague from Montpellier, France (Philippe) where he liked to go in Brittany.  He recommended several places. We chose one location on the north shore (Tréguier) and one location on the far southern shore (Pénestin).

This photograph is of the rugged northern shoreline at Plougrescant (near Tréguier) at low tide. This is part of the Côte de Granit Rose (Pink Granite Coast). The jointed granite forms intricate geometric shapes. The seafloor is very gently sloping. So each low tide exposes long stretches of shallow tide pools and wild rock formations. You can see the tidal range indicated by the wet rocks on the upper right side of the photo. Fishing boats anchored far from the high tide shoreline still settle onto the bottom at low tide. This is the normal daily occurence and the boats are contstructed to withstand it. We found Brittany to be captivating with a unique rural culture, beautiful stone villages, ancient cathedrals and châteaux, and friendly people.

With this photo I was trying for a depth of field that provided a detailed look into the tidepool in the foreground while showing details of the fishing boats and the rock formations on the horizon, (hard to see in this thumbnail). This was taken with a 16-35mm lens at 25mm.  Photo: 1/60 s  at f/20  (2009)

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