Why Earth Map Photo™?

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One version of the business logo.

One version of the business logo.

Where did this business name come from and what does it mean?

I chose this name in 2005 to indicate the geographic extent that I am interested in. It also describes the elements of the business.

I understand that it is an unusual business name. It is sort of choppy and combines three disparate concepts.

The simple explanation is: 

I don’t limit the photographic locations to one region. I will  continue to work in places scattered around the planet – EARTH.

I make custom maps (and have an extensive professional background in geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing, landscape modeling, soil science, and map and graphic preparation) – MAP.

I have dedicated a great deal of time in the field over the last several years developing skills in artistic travel photography – PHOTO.

The business is an intersection of travel, map creation, and photography.




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