Copacabana Rocks

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Hand-placed walkway stones along Copacabana Beach

Hand-placed walkway stones along Copacabana Beach

At dawn before a field trip I walked along Copacabana and mixed in with all the runners, bikers, and skaters of Rio de Janeiro. The beach was just coming to life. It would be another hot, sunny day and later the beach would be filled with football and volleyball players-people who appeared to spend every day on the beach.

The broad walkway along Copacabana Beach is paved with hand-placed stones. The black and white stones form this pattern for the entire length of the beach which is about 2.5 miles long. There must be millions of stones. The size of the stones and the pattern are consistent. Around the point another handmade walkway begins with a different pattern of black and white stones and stretches for over 2 miles along Ipanema Beach.

It was a cool morning but the bright reflection off of these stones reminded everyone of the heat to come. The people exercising before work had to deal with the sounds and smells of the scooters, buses, trucks, and cars along Avenue Atlantica next to this walkway. Photo: 1/90 s at f/2.8   (2006)

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